..For the wings of a dove..


xxx :) ;) jimtom n benzene
....for the wings of a dove..?"
Peace, descending.
Comfort'., in th' blanket :
calm light, known to we, 2 re-cover
Wisps, of sentience, blessed perceptions..
With this, i know and continue,
Remembered self, hopes long been
sidelined..  re-dawning, familiar-eyes,
sense.. sensuous, begin-again,  mz'. 'finnigan..?
                            .. serendipity : enough, to feel,
redeeming smiles; you inspire, I carry on !
two warm souls, on a common of
kindness, care, justified.. 'nuff bare
belief, together-kindled..?!!
No need, more, to flail the self with doubts, take my hand..?
                              "... we shall never surrender.."
into the future, all past resolved,
reconciled... "take this cup..?"
Take this lotus.?
Light-triggered unfolding.
Petals open arms with golden
purity, infinite welcome,
great-spirit, joy of being..
                              "god with us". Everywhere.
                                                           'Yod-With-Us'! :)
I thank; and not a mile, a crooked stile, a while away!!
So :
              use, configure, vista-visit this your
warrior-kin, maiden of moonlight, faer,..
                                                     in this battle for Peace;..
Love, in the happiest of 'blood' !
I-re, E-we;      
               ..safe arrivals and returnings,
                                to, fro'             
                                         jimtom keith
mon1st nov, 2010,