to the windsmiths' elege'iic !


To the Windsmiths ‘Elegeiic !

For the spring-cut flowers, and the
Blessed faery-fauna !!  ... I slip towards
a bivouac –  night-call.
Unslept, swept, towards...
As today, above my roof, the seabirds gather, swoop,
And call... ?
Is-it that :  my sleep, before this, counts .. as ?!
And i’ve got the jigsaw ? Cut, to face, map, and place,
                               as : keynote brain-space befitting !!

For the most-part, there were other faces,
from differing places, minds, experience,
and poetry... in motion, lotion, moon-
Expandings !! .. Sentience, by the
enquirer’s gruel ;  portion, of community..
seeing, and ‘Freeing’.. !!

Can you smell the sulphur,.. Mephistopheles’
melted ore ? The Subvert Society..Miria, Melchior
Melchizedek proponents : celebrants, of
the ‘common-ground’ commoners’ throng!
The gruel be Gar-licke! And Cider-O!

Be on Song!,  O! Groundlings of
The ‘scorched-earth’, the ‘silent spring’ !
It hasn’t happened yet! We few, we will not let it!
As we, are way-fare mariners, windy-millers, farriers...
                                 Well, and Spring , Fire and Skein,
                                                                  Take Wing  !

Jtktj 2013                                                               ...Say .. ?