'Unsain',..'Unseren'., 'Ours' ! :) x ( In Unison ).



Unsain Shine ! :)x~

' Some times, it only takes : to find a
kindred-spirit, to prove, and
found, and set-out, on a long-
foundered, life-lasting love...? '

With you, I feel together. We, as one ! x

Some way, I sense, that you have
been : long - alone, my love ?
Inside that cage, seeing wrong-stuff,
and wanting to rage,... to change it ?!
And these times, bad-people have
abused you, sought to steal, to
tear, that beautiful soul, in you.
And in this, we are kindred, and
tho' undefeated, both, much torn,
and battered from these wearying wars ?

So in querulous, but determined
certainty, destiny, coy-invitation and
soaring spirit...
                         I become, to know, to
feel that time, of ' No surrender ! ', when
we join, and be : for each-other,
to blossom, and grow,
in allied, and deeply-held beliefs,
stengths, perception... co-engender ? :
                         ... A foil, and an understanding,
to each-other !? ' A motive force,
to stop biopic engines ' ?
                        ( the myopic civil status-quo ? )

Nature-all, energies ! :
A space, a finding for each-other ! ...
                        which, if we can be
brave-enough, to trust.. to let-flame,
that in-common flicker;..
that 'almost-lost', but 'strongly-shared'
sense of cohesion, belonging !? :
'joint, and manifold, manifest,
majestic potential...; together, each,
                        each one behind the other !

Me 4 You 4 Me !! ;0)'x~

Then, should we triumph, in love,
and 'menage';

we'll redempt those
hurts-put;.. will together grow,
                        in whatever we dream-towards !!
'Reap our combined rewards, for the
pure love, we have always kept, as true ?!
                        ... ' Try, to be good, as we know,
that we should '...
not in mortal-gain, game, but :
in us ! I see, in us ! To great purpose !

   '  Me the honour, of : to be in your family ! x  '

No time so right ! No, ever, no need to further fight.
Just : to be known, respected and accepted by thee -
'significant other ' -
yet, a deep longing, and belonging, in my soul !!
That only flays, and pulls, at myself, in fading
echoes of past despairs !?!
    By : love, tendered, been cruelly-used. Perhaps,
for you, too, those cruel memories do start and jump,
at your confidence...
                          is we are, 'already-reached'...
decisions;.. assimilated.. ecstacies, and passions;
re-discoveries, of what 'shared', such kindred bonds...
                          can bring, and inspire;..
tremble, and hush, rush, the very noise of
love,.. been waiting, to be here, to be heard !

confusions, then total co-fusion.. ! :) X
I hear the singing, of your giving love,

your voice and song,

the flowing, of your beauty in energy !

Gentle, strife-weary maiden,...
                         Moon, ye, of me,.. me a pear partridge !
Love, i'm up the tree !
                           ...Stand-not, with disaffection, to
set, with compromise, or rebuttal, of
your secret, sacred dreams !!? <3

                           but come, with me; take my
hand, my heart.. my every-given honour,
and devotion !?
                           ( this wood-dweller seeks thee ) !

If any fear, remaining, that tries to take me back,
to cage, and silent-scream, of
'where is life's meaning ?...
is just that doubt, put by hurt,
                            whereas i know, as i hold you,

fulfil ..

                    you..: that you know, and i will, and

we can understand.. !! ;0)'X~
                            tho' still tangled, stuck,
for words..

           unsure,sometimes, yet, how to :

compact, with you, with me .. :

I know, that this 'beginning', has no
'comparable' 'before', or 'other', in either of
our lives..
We fight as one, and for each-other -
time is now -
more than ever, like a beacon, together
we would,
                   ... if the angels do provision it;..

we should :

Together, to Gather.. in.. :

                                'Unsain', in unison, shine !!

                                                 xxx jimtom...pray !