( origin unknown )


..my wood-elf friend, becki'i flora :
popped-up, from inside the
cable, from across the ether-net...
and turned the whole of reality,
into an enchanting grove...
the earth it calls to me : breathe
step-out, step-on...
no further need, to grieve...
you draft me moonbeams,
a fleeting glimpse, you turning near me;
i do not chase the vision, only know :
the truth, in hope, a 'nearing',
the great spirit cries out to us,
in glory, awakening, as
the new reality, the sanity of
sanctity,        as dawns the moon
of our meeting, so : it's 'saif',
again, to dream...!
a warm, and cuddly, pert,
beautiful maiden, to 'comfort', and :
 to keep my heart safe..
                                    'blessed faun',
                                    'diolch ym vaur',
                                                 thank't !! ;)x
J, k.t.