• I'll sit, and play, and pray, 'til the rains go away.

    In foundling sorrows. Went to mow a meadow...

    Chance, is rarely a friend, of time. Peoples solutions are rarely in the current, of how they feel, in life?

    Yet Dreadnought sessions, inter- cessions, mercy and passion to be wrought ?

    Children, of a 'lesser' god.

    So strong, in feeeling beloved, rise-up to the pinnacle, of my being. Starscape. Moon walk.

    Those bright, be-coloured eyes look tired, not long from tearflecked ?

    So my soul rises, to you.. Hold, just hold-you, to allay the fears.. To let you know you are loved, and it is unconditional, yet in condition we have strayed to intimate moments...

    Deep is the ocean, that I fell, to you...

    Forever, would be cozy and warm ?

    love o' jimtom xxx