"Lid off a Daffodil " ! :)


'the laughing daffodils are heavy, with the dew' !

"It's sulpherous. So it's thick, tonight.
Does it smell, of 'Sahara' ?
Or sewage. Sewerage. Myrrh, myth, or 'pyrites-like 'Mithra' ?
Or re-cycled Mexico-Gulf, oil-spillage..?

Bless We, she and me, Daffyd's Star.. : Kumara !

Are they pumping it up ? Uplifting it ?
Spraying it, sea-wards, in to the Air ?

Suspend your breath. Hardly do breathe it.
Babylon is there. It is the moon, of
Commerce !? Currency ? !!
Gold, and Silver, will not-ye Hold, I say :
'Go Away'.. to those, Such !

Riches, and Honours, only shall :
the Numbered, and Few, those
Chosen, Inscripted..in :
'Book of Life' !

See ye there ? See, that ye dare.. !
All along, every step of the way..
Keep-safe : One-Another.. ! x

Shall ye Wear ? Care and Belief, ye fit..
'the clean linen, of the saints' !

Know, that ye do, ye will so Bee..
Inspiral Harmonies..
Mother and Infant'..
'Element'ii, of Mercy..

Guide Us On !
Slaintje ! Shanti !

All, for One, for Love, for One :
One-Love.. for Yew, E-we..;
Right and Proper, so may ye, we
                                       Bear !" xx

jimtom...pray ! x 3-4 aprill, 2014