..'Less than...


29th March 2012.

 ..'Less than fallow phaze
the flower describes the bud,
the moon full-fervour...

Hallowed blood.
( Buzz, and Arraign )...

Rain dove-'elle.
She-bean, honey, bunny-tide..
Cell composts, compote-marmalade.

Anti-scurvy. Boll-weevills, be damned!
'What the Hell?'
                                ' ...won't be wasted.'

"Never was, back then !?".

Malade. Kopfshmerzen.
All kinds, of torrid, back-stage, back-hand talk.
Miss trills, in the Gallery.

Meditationary peaces of peace.
Play and play. While they try to extort payment.

Reed-beds, over shuffles, any day !!?
                                                jimtom k.t.j.