Leap the Moon in a Bound !?!


Leap the Moon in a Bound..!

"Skip we gaily, on we go...
Heel for heel, and toe for toe !

Step-we gaily.

Happy daze... Sunlight of Bright Shadow..
Rain-eased Grasses, stem and leaf :
Bouyant, in the chasing breeze.. !

Four pennies to a rainbow reclamation of the land..
None is land Lord, or Lady,
Yet the ownership is as the whole,
Together belonging;... as in fealty, honour bound..??!

Feet on earth, and roots among Ancients,
Spirit and Cycle, of endless revision,
change, return...
Star-dust in your eye..Pixie-rainbow vision.
Forever Born, in Quality..Never forgotten..
Thau Hesu Belenos am I..? Am you? Is why..?
As you, to me, are circle, complete..;
ever growing, and unfolding;.. teaching me of
moons and manic tides, tangent gravity patterns
of satellite and 'migrating worlds :
Deem-right Happiness,
In clover, bound...