lambast co-fidelities


Peace and Love, and rights.
Don't bicker, don't harry, don't fight...
the best of intentions.
Stay in the fuzzy-felt farm.
Where cozy-up salvation, is
writ, in life, and palm.

I'll sing you many a lullaby.
Yet, trenchant, into the night,
i'll pursue my words, to find reason,
sense, perspective...
on where I, and in the world,
are at ?
Comes calm. Re-generation.
Self-contained, with lateral thought,
and furrow-longitudinal surveys...

The Heavenly Host will come to no harm.

If we follow them. In peace, and in

Without discrimination. Should they
be dark, or a woman ?

Ring-out, in Excelsis, Solstice Bells !!
Hosanna, trims the sail.

And she be a part, all women be
part, of the great " Earth Mother ",
and the moon, that flows us ...?

Inexorable. The balance, the equilibrium,
passes, back and forth.

A fifth, of Daytona ?
Luminous potatoes, a glowing pre-view !
DNA. Spaghettified.

The gravitas is only prejudicial deep.

"and the meek, shall inherit " ?
What 'dustbowl' certainty, these
Captains, of the Capital
will seek, to murderously wreak !

" Blessed are the Meek, and the
Poor, in heart...
for theirs, is the Kingdom. " !

And still, we : daily bled !
Bless our work, our expression,
our reticence, to consume.
For we are Duly Dread ! :0)'

'Own-to : Creator. All one, under
the sun,
as stewards; not to use and waste,
but to hold, in trust, and count as
Sacred ?
Judged, by 'the fruit of the lips' ;
blessed, by 'the fruits, of the soil'.

Everafters ? Begin again; again.

...jimtom..pray ? say ?

Have a 'soul's kiss' Solstice !
...just be careful, at what you aim ?

Arkos. Anarkhos. Enigma.

Soul gain.
( it is not unitary ! ).

In unison...
: derwyyd...we remain.
JTK 18 XI 2013