imbolc prayer.


All around, the day is
                                  Aglow.. !! ;0)'x~
Lean on me, for you do
                                     Inspire me ?! x
And gentle, peeking, comfort smiles, ye..

The storm rocks, and the trees do
show the damage, and the
                                 'sweetest' wood-elf
                                  grieves, to think
the world so
there's space,
to breathe, and dream..

So as we do, the cares grow and burgeon...
The Dragons' Roar ! ..
                 : the shared trust, the limit-torn,
the finding, and the reason...

No thing so sacred can be scorned, or ripped, and torn ! x

The new growth starts, shoots will stretch...
                                                       The Sun is Rising ! x
Rising Sun ! x :)

The daemons snap,
                    fractious ants,
like legion, senseless, pathless,
                              just to spoil
a promising biscuit.
                              Because they can ?
Out-of-wit , them !?

Still they'll self-consume, and decay,
into powder of no 'note' ?

This time, we gather-in ! My Angel, of
Concord ! My Castello, fortior Concordia !

Together one !

Spes Durat Avorum ! trans fluverum.
"Apres moi, le deluge !".

While hope we have ! And other more'm'ents. ? :)

Such special, shining moments,
when you glow, and give a nod,
a complement, a pure enjoyment of
who, and how, i am to you ! x For you !

With, and when suits your time, my love..
                                      to make vows, or ceremony, and fanfare,
                                      such as may bless us..

                                                    ..if you will, and wish..
                                                    for this i wish to give..
                                                    'everlovin', perty comrade ! x
                                                    i be : ye'r jtk

10:57pm, transcribed, 3Rd february, imbolc end, 2014.