geo'physick meta'tonic



Geophysick Metatonic.

...For you, for me, for freedom : I and I :
for thine, for thee, for their..?
Astral weeks. Spectral Air. Sam'huinn .. !!
Life, in a humming buzz; what passes;
surge, to know it is there !? From time, on time..?

Come back? Rap-ap'-ap' ! Ka-boom! In 'tact'...
All fallen forbears. School cares. Prism grieves.
Live, to fruition;..'en-owned', such, to honour
and responsive fealty. Thee and me..
'Tis nearly three, with Benzene - cat - in
the morning. Snuggle with the feline...
Know his furs. Tickle with his whiskers and
his ears.

Nature-highs at wee'kenn'd's.. Salcey, Rollright,
and beyond !! Sift the beauty into.. your', and I' :
House', of Gold !! Houses of the 'wholly'..?!!
When muck does matter. Toads, and baking spuds, and suds..
And flying soul'..!
..Deep surveyor, of the heart...
The guests, of Blessings,
Well-come, to your homestead Fold !


 for louise c.  19 oct 2012