Edge, of Towyn...



On the edge, of darkness...
With the light, shining, within... !
Live, in the heart, and not the mind,
and know that Mother Earth is sacred,
as are all the creatures, kith and kin !
Hers, and ours.

And the Earth, the animals,
the fish are dying. Being poisoned.
Having their environment altered,
bringing biotic change that decimates
their numbers. Wipes them out.
Where then, do we think, that we will live ?!!
Change of heart. Live full,
not part. Co-ordinate the re-uniting,
of the people ? With the Wolves,
themselves..! Bear, witness, to the need... :
the damage-done ?

A logic of surrender, to the natural,
chaotic, resolving power, of love !
A skip-hop, daydream of the heartbeat

An atomic, quantum 'leap'; towards
the eskhatonal happening. With
an earth-shift, or ascension to
an higher frame, of being ?
All conflict, overcome, by common
agreement, to common-purpose.
Division of toil, and nil : reducto,
ad absurdam. Ancient harmony, and
equal justice. Here we be. Here I am !

Soul rise. Into stellar being.
Astro-naut of the inter-connecting
avenues, and strands, and seas...
of Love ! Here comes that ocean ?!?

How happy, that the moon directs,
but does not deride !?
Tide-flow-swell, borne..
Touching fronds, many fronds, of
I'll spell my Arkhos, and An-Arkhos,
with real care.
For the over-writ is manifold...
yet them spies will want,
forgoing caution : to come-in,
from the cold.
Let their Nazi-ness show cobble-bold.
And un-stitch the patriarchs' inheritance.
Let the foundries, once used, become
cold ? So to live, within our
resources ? Did not our grandfolk
say : save the pennies, to spend a pound ?
Martyred witnesses, to the truth : now abound !?

So.. : if all-the-world, turned 'Dayglo !' ...
and the Universe... ( "ha! ha! ha! )...
'fell-apart ... ?
We'd still be safe, in heart, my
..the birds will eat the flesh of princes,
as in their kingly realms they rob, and
feast on poverty and destruction.
For while they rule, the Earth does bleed ?
And tho', I offer, claim, to one-ness...
Still, like : 'half for self, and half for others';
I, toward peace, and blessings equal,
will gladly play a part !

One Love. One heritage. One people.
Get Ready ! Come Along !

jimtom say....

It's a start !! xxx :0)'