codl yr awen


Codl yr Awen.. Raising the we did!!

"Seek me, where the woods go wilding; and I'll shyly..speak a prayer...?"

'Roots, in the Underworld;
Horns, in the Spirit Realm;
Body, in the Region, of Hu-wo-man...
Triple Goddess,.. or God...!
Thau : He-su : Belenosc ..
the Druid equation, of 'from', and 'to', and 'how' ?

From  Existence, to Sufficiency, with
Awareness.. : the Branch, Development, of
How each effects, and knocks-on..?
To the Otherworld, the Spirit Portal... only the foolhardy, will
mourn, the way a-long..!!?

Wisdom of Ages.
Roots, in the Soil.
Tend the Vine; tend the Fig-tree..
With none, to Rise-against, as 'Foe';..
But : All, to Join, as one;.. Share in Toil..!
Just like.....
                The Bardic Picnic !! :)'  

The Bardic Chair, Northampton, U.K.,  2013