the chrissymuss carole future perfect speech.. the ghost of christmas future mix !


The chrissymuss carole future perfect speech.. the ghost of christmas future !! by jimtom kt james


Gridlock ! Green santa’s inner city future shock.
A morale impasse. ( Just went bubbling past ! )

So still they flee, from their own destiny, these champions, of
Sucking us in, to profligate development.
Mother Nature fighting, on her knees.

You merely kiss, at the ozone hole.
Scoff, at the greenhouse ‘effect’..!

You tell us there is sustainable expansion for all!

You, in your assertions, to perversions
Of Justice !?
...To your personal-greed,
Who builds an empire, out of castles,
In the – carbon-rich – air!

So atmospheres, even, bleed.

Go on, have a flutter...??!
And still, count as wealthy, have a mutter :
Clicketty-clicks, revolving barrels, upon barrels, per second ?

The templates shift, in vacuum.

Shudder, to funk, the implicatories.

Vagrancy of vermin, now amassed, to
Disaffected swarm !!
All wealth become illusion, safety switches,
Hungry screaming mouths descend, upon the

Pain-wracked loss.. ; with and from the
Nature-nest, the living-womb ?!

Earth-Mother calls, but will it be
Dead-eco, before you listen..?

Moonlight, on tragedy. Like a skin-tissue scar,
Searingly etched, on a cold December night.

Some Aquarian Dawn, in Darfur, Syria, Egypt, Palestine...
All around the Globe, the shrinking Native lands...
Aiwa, Yanomani, Andaman, Dongria Kondh...

Ethnics, groups, co-refugee demographised.

The shifting sands, an overspill of
Cultural aggrandizements; waste-flow...

Un-desireable residues; by-product, of :
Commercialised unequalizings.

Rub-it-in, too deep, and see :
The wounds, of pillaging en-degradation...

Melt-down heat, of the ‘burning generation’ ... !

Did you like it, ‘til the Gold turned cold..?

Twenty years down the line...

In fixatives of ash and lime.
The single-riflemans’ arms.
The lone-soldier, beneath the cross..:
Marked-out, upon the skyline.
The fool, upon the hill.

And down comes the scaffold, matrix; ‘all-
About the dust-blown tank-wrecks..; the :
Shuffle-away; return, to the everyday; disperse,
And mustn’t grumbles, stoic, last-gasp

Screaming demons shriek, as bomb-blasts fall.
Mothers fathers wail; carry children dead-and-
Gone. Enforcement of peace, into pieces.
Fracture, hiatus, climax-shudder; death-throe;
Civilisation haunts its’ own demise, as ghost,
Of harmonious nature : pervades, in loss,
From vitality-source.
And as the plunder spews, the winter-night
Enclose, like cloak, to seal and part the
Darkness; new-dawning; industry-free,
Breakthrough to spirit light.
Reveal the world.

From humble beginnings, calm proponents of
the mercy.... sound, in hope !
.. a stamp, becomes a stomp,
Become a groundswell...;
A riot, in colour, aligned-nations, not :
In force !!
A voice, become a song,
Become a sunburst..?
Chord, of angels !!
Freiheit, fremdungs’gebot.
Alliance, is the price..?
To live, without the humanly-greedy curse!?
One lover : one matrix?
Or the whole panoply, of all one’s life and loves..?

“What is a voice, but a sunburst..?! “

~Speak it lightly! The King has lost his wits !
Track silence sideways. The schist is of the
hourly pips !

And confluence... Hourly contrast... Tip,
And Run..? So prairie desert long-quest ?!

No fife. A differing pipe, and drum.
To be, is ‘honest-in-intent’, at least,
In ‘pendent’ moment ?
And skivvy games, and shames, and mooted morn-fetts..
Shave, to form..?



..’Guarding captives; protecting villains, perpetrators..:
Crack! All to the source, of :
Love-imprisoned; natural-love denied ?

And then commence, with monstrous
Engines : to destroy the source, of
All containment, in and with the
Earth! Silent, content-being?
The tree-dripped raindrops, in a
Wood; good-company, perforce..?
As geo=earth responds, re-shapes around
Our clean, free power-traps,
For sun and wind and ocean.

Withall : the knowledge to set-off ‘our’
Stonehenge 2 !

So carve we a farthing of hengist stone,
And sell-up an ocean of aeon-young loam..?

No bond, at all, save one, you see ?
To love, despite the hatred by thy hand..
Not nourish compromise, but
Feed Our Land !!

The ghost abideth, long.