Cead mea failte


Cead mea failte !

At last, as the Emerald does flower,
And Sapphire wrapt Mary weeps no more...
The Garnet and Carnelian; stopp'd bloodlet,
and 'War', ... no more !!?
My summer comes a harvest, of outcomes -
positive - both of the good and bad...

While the fief'dom, royal realm, of
righteous, charitable souls, all kindness,
sun-rise, boom-time,...
ushered in !!!?

Gently bashful. 'Quelle surprise ?'

Si, c'est bonne! Exalted regard..!

All peace. Rhythym rising. Alto angel-chord !

Serene serendipity. Co-operative persuits !
To the well-spring, and the Chalice :
Now gathering... my Roots !?!

Gray only as the cloud swept morn,
with Rainbow rain,
and Sun is all around, the edges..
..as You..
Most Amazingly Beaut'ii
Kathleen xxx