burns' lasses blessing toast


Girls :
are funny creatures;
when you talk to them, in the
They wear bangles in their
Do they smoke, with a
conscious care ?
..Or is it the ease, of
a woman's dis-ease :
clear-sighted, and cool

        ...'You should try to love
you, a little more than you do!' ...
'Says one, to me, and
so vaunt her, and you, and
all of them !

Blossoms, from stars : grow
ear'wards. Sonic-mold;
stellar-travel; commune :
in'cul'cation.  Vogue!

             I brought-across a memory,
from the river, of my soul.
A hand-held, nurtured,
fledgeling thing...
A tender beauty to behold.
A thing : of innocence, of
hope.. 'fresh, new-thought
Idyll ; electric, prog-rock
sound-track; accompaniment,
living ; never knowingly

In perpetual "inner-graces',
of emotion"...
                       Lasses, all :

        jimtom..say? :
Way-away 'tof'., and
beggars, that cough; and
sneeze, when they stoke-up
their chimneys ?

LLangmaeyerllumreek 'n' yer torriewraggle..!
                      Lasses..? Cheers !!! :)