Bulgarski Inbound


Bulgarski Inbound.
To return, i venture for capital. Van sale, and materiels', co'op investments,...
Major-journey. Mountain undertaking.
Here, with my dad, in  the lees, high bridging-point, pod-canisters hanging, thread-
seeded;.. from high crest and village, to higher scarp, and frontier, of human-
capable limit, of the world..!??
H.T. Cables  ~ Cable-car ski-lifts.
The sheep, themselves, knew the slow and steady thrust, energy-needed, to : even
raise the 600m 1000m; the higher peaks some 10km. of progressively steepening,
deepening climb.. ! :)
Fritzens, an der Tyrol, 1972.
So, at ten years' old, I walked, and wondered, at this edge of lifetime.
I did not know the scale, or preparation : knowledge, necessary to a limit,
nd scope, of even a days' perseverence, to whit of usefulness and function... !! :)
No cows to walk or graze to family provisal? No fuel forage, fungi, fruits or roots
or herbage essential, intrinsic, to the seasonal ebb, and flow.
Some vague intimation of such..?
In such approach, over-land, and across Europe : the grandeur of scale and beauty.... :
winding, precipice-edge roads, and panoramic expanse, seen,
                                                                                                                                ..then glimpsed..
Milo'metric kilometers, of ascending, serried ranks of pine-tree forest,..
descending - rapidly falling away - the tops of 20m high trees, and openings, to :
valleys; far ridges; mountains and snow arrived, and then
                                                                                                             defined, into
                                                                                                         local, pervasive environment.
Slowly, from recognition, in : pre-date, pictorial representation;
from black-and-white television tales;
comes immersion, quizzical, naive warrior-stance, yet polite, attentive, in wonderment... !!! :)
Incarnate, in the Western Urbanist-way,
I looked, and knew, about cows, fields-of-hay, common-cycles...;
but had no connection, no idea  of how differing, essential, vital.. the
co-sequential gathering-garnering life!
And  in the path, that led, for a mild stroll, in the direction, upward, toward the towering, all-defining mono-lithic ridge, and distant, high-rearing peak...
this mountain climb..
                              came uneasy awareness, of the distance, in usual reality, of
these passing, towering hedgerow; stone-walls, solid and weaving field-to-field,
themselves like the work due only to some massive army and industry of effort?
Even the tarmacced road, regular and recent...
Massive dysjunct disparity, with the needs and 'imposed, de-regularity with nature';
                                                                                                                    the 'quiet', and :
                                                                                                                                   'to needs is
                                                                                                                                                 attendance' !     
Much-less, of : 'what mattered', what
is 'of use'; sustainability,respectfulness ,
of 'scale' ? Nothing : but dawning
consciousness of such, did i bring.
"Ave?!" ' Say! : " lick'yer'car'sump!?" '
Danged roads ain't be straight; but
they lead : Straight-from.... Roam?!
Where the kids and goats, 'roam' - chaperoned -  
but 'Free'!  Where life itself, is free : to
those who would provide it!?
 I come again. Still weighted, but not now
by scale or dissimilarity of task and habitude... ; full-battered, instead, by
life's hard knocks of that civilised insistence, that.. :
                              This, and Humility, and
Sufficiency, in-hand-with : to sustain; and
not disparage; not destroy, nor deny?
 The contra-diction sits. 21st. Century Break-down.
Catch-up. Chaos, Impelled.
 On a sunny afternoon, Alban Elued, September..
                                                                                    7     2010  
Noviembre, 2010, Quatrieme, Pluviose  ->
 Sospan Fach!
                                     M'fevwianna tak'... !
Listening memories, long to forgoe..?
Far-sung decibels, 'raeg'. confluence
spirit-explosion, incendiary,
                                            para-mete paramours... :)x
Discrete perplex'tic' ,....
                What is : 'ver'-sion ???
Where are we coming ; far..?   
What is : redempt'st~ revelation ?
Salud! Salutatory references.
Dis-tide,  diatribe,  defenceless..
And then the journee; day-long;
Hour, by fitamin, lozenge,
cameo-portal; remembrance dedicated,
freed-spirit, to carry-on, and never
mind the difference,.. only to know, where once purest, self-less, considering love :
always continuance, 'Great Spirit',
Soul, and Consciousness, and Voice..!!
Perfect collusion-collision .
Hapi hipi hopi happenstance.
Rave continuum. Unfundable
divine spirit, wave, emotion-
surge, "ocean-in-motion".
Serene, contented hearts, that :
 still bubbling-brook, 'uisge beatha',
flow, passion, vital...
the smile in full 'inner vision' ;
"sirius slice of happy pie", at least
to know and tender love with
such a golden, emma'-nuel rei..
'arigato gosai mashita'.. ' thankyou for teaching me'
'onegai shimasu?'... please teach me?'
once again, beginning to end ?
Be-dayz'd, be-dazzled, and :
                        collectfv'... !
In my roots, the earth-connective, of
society, celebration, season, cycle,
                                                     ...song ??!  x 
Paysanterie! Local, community reflect, and
Circle, closed and then open ..
Breathe-in : Breathe-out ; move-together
move apart ; ...
                          do! do!  the hokey-coke'y oki !
The bankers' lost and missing "billions"  :
29 million dollars, plus seventeen million  
euros... found, tonight, in a
Colombian drug-dealers' hide-away den !
A single payment.
Each cash-deposit, 'powder-rimed',
a step away from presence, and
prescience-based commensurate assessment,
and reflexion of the real and pressing
                                 human warmth and affection..?
Self-uninvolved, from relativistic  balance,
accuity, acclimatistaion... !!!  icthus.    
Love, or death ? L'amour, la morte..? Soul, or 'sold' ?
Comrade-chummy, freeload associations?
Pocket-powder-trade, still
'bead' and 'trinket' appropriation; absurd
non-contextualization; conscience-salves
of bought, ingrate, debasement of
 both with the people, and sun,
the sea, the soil.
Solid : gone!!
"From the elliptic, to the siderial" ( Vangelis ).
"Re-returning, once-again, and -again, and again, and again.. ( Yes ).
" I would i had thee by the coidrons" ( G. Chaucer ) .
                                   ... 'for sale, or rent, of absolutions,
redemptions... : a touch, of the bones,
of a saint; a kiss, of the blarney-stone ?'
"Sun-a' rise; ear'-ly in the morning...
Sun a' rise, ear'ly ev-(e)ry day !"
Sunshine, in the head,... share, in the heart!
..' is where, to think, thank : among the heavens ?
'Reason yourself : above the clouds' ; and let the
rain : 'soak : 'Joy!', into the bodily frame.  Then
soul be washed, flow absence, omission :
away !?
"Intra-connective". ! Satellite inter-conceptive.
Intra-'polate the exo-genesis.
Return, to the source, the soil !!!?
                                                         My blood is her blood.
matri-lineal, mitro-condrial refinement...
Perceptual development, towards
conceptual grasp, scale of collective
edifice ; trust : in succession ...
" as we 'stand' : so, upon the church,
that is the wall.
Cymreig'ate ?
Save-up, for the saviours ?
 Moses can't cash (rain) cheques.
 Sunder! : 'dunder-heads' ! x
 Like a current, to isolate, from a machine...
" Couper la Racine ! "  Cut, at the
root ... Not the self, but the self's choice, to :
Malorum Cupiditas.
As much, as ye-me-we : to take
hold, we must be guilty, culpable, ..
                                                                take the blame..? !!                      
                                                                                     'Jimtom?' ... Say? ;)