a birthday gift, a handmade, british, engrav'ed hipflask, from the 'moon, of JTK' ! x :)


I look, at the Pewter, fall-deep, in to the Lustre..

'Grind the Salpetre, mix-up the Mosaic..

( from puzzling, not from badness.. )

Loss't, in that :

All loss, is now 'making-up',



why that : up to now, so..?


Life past, Is !

No more, or mores..

All, ..

( rock 'n' vole ! ) ...

to this futur'.. !

Never-mind, the de'tractions :

sod-turf, to the Lot !

What is surviving, is :

'well-loved, happ'ii-positioned, in Life .. x


Still youthful, hopeful, youth-hopeful, ..

eternally determined,

self, and proper,

personage, of refinement..

Seal, of Solomon, Kumara,

(daffyd-david's) Star..., Of :

Afro-Celt, Aramaic Mysteries,

Thee, Louise, J. Carrier.. Carrick'gan.. and`me...

You lead me on, lead us, ...like :


..home'ing, defining, guiding,

in the night Moon,

                                 o' JTK xxx

11 VI 2014 thors'dag