a.m. thinktank...


Whipcrack air. Surveillance. Shock,
to the system. Wailing-walls, in yards
by tartar misanthropics guarded.
Lock-up. Hold-down. Done down,
for clamouring, panic-struck, pre-varicated
lack-ov'-freedom !

Let-go, 'our humane martyrs!  'By : count
yourself as one!!? :~
                                                ..' a living witness', who
can choose :  what world we live in;
by attempting empathic change, seen
as growth, not oppressed, and
censured ( censored ) .. ??!

Live-on, ( my ) virgin martyr(s) to
the cause, and not the pre-script'ion...
don't tolerate the evil in every day ?
Without a formed and fixed opinion of
toleration-limit. To acquiesce a need
to 'never-again ! '

My comrade. Kith, and kin. The fire, within.
Your flaming passion, to scorch the half-
Stroll, roll, your Dancing Flame ( frame ).. !!

                                                                                jimtom...pray ! xxx

for Ana, peixoto.