Was ist Los? What is the matter?


Leiala, Leiala..
Post-civet ransomed; rude sticks clatter;
they say; they say: ‘On thy beastie way!’
They smacker and smacker,
lickin’ lascivit lips..
of concubista-conquista-doner kebab;
gristle headrooms;
planet: ‘doh!’..

Dun-dun desecratin’..
temples tire and re.tire anyway,...
in the forest of ptoom!
...”See those mothers burn!”..(?!)

...Rained on civilitas,.. yestreen and a day..

..For walls of silence..counted seconds..bugle posts..
..And on the eleventh day...:

    ..bulge patten;
tanks die by handguns..

  ..Painted a tree to show the way..!

   Pain, of my vowal..
stuck, in glottal di-harmonies..

“You Bastards!”, someone screams,
toward the airbase..
     breath lost in wind, fresh
     breath in lungfuls, cry, laugh
     you idiot,... still cycle away.

“Eloi sabakthani.” !

Black blood, of torque-
whelp-filtered visuals: tear the confusion
away; then does it seem their sense does fit?
..Vision, is this not what is felt from within?

Thy cathode-tube wrings life from ‘seem as if stars’..

Satellite recievership
of broken arms.

Less death in peacetime, western peacetime;..
at the ticking of the clock, the dime will

‘Lock up yer’ datas.’
‘Summon up yer’ sums.’

Sum summer, with each tongue-caught rain-drop
of this story, life’s glory,...
caught in a cup, in a legend!   ...

‘Who gives, to indent each seed-blown, wind-dispersed,
recant of all past seasons;.. who wants to see the shepherds shorn?..’

..’dis mountain holy!..
   ..’dis 4X4, ‘dis a mountain hog?!

! no wonder they shoot polaroids.
!Missed a missile shop by a mile,
they other day...; didn’t sacrifice a frog...!

  ..went by a route given known by almight ‘ earth- mother’,
ina roots:
   ina feelin’ of things..

  ..found this sunshine,
   ..neath the moon.time,

...ain’t gonna paint no dayglo..
   ..gonna smuggle some ‘unny
    in: do my thing..!

.. .. my lover.. ..