Ll'ost Fo-rest

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Dis’ko! ,..in’fer’no..
Smoke: breezes, into fire..
Becoming :one ,more ‘heli-glo-mo’..
Comfort  llan’d!?

You :
         break my cover,..
                                     br’err fi-end ,

Somehow, my daisies ..
                                      chainsaw :
crown of thorns..

Glove, in a gauntlet, in a gash..
Wood-rough, cut, my :
Away, and play,
You pixie fool!!
                Meep!,  smoogle!,..
I may have been already..(?)
Slough! Buff!,..
I’d : lose a limb, akimbo, mo-glo
And still rise smiling
From the enchanted pool of
Light and shade

Moss whispers over rocks
Oh ! Forest
Absorb my bright and spirit
Let me incant with leaf and shadow
For all of loves young blossom
Bloom in this musky glade

In nature, homely, rencontre
Depth of moor-squats
We all wade
Hey !  
Web : phoot,
By ‘arachnid’,..ancestor all and return
To our family:
Forest floor...
                       brick and bracken..

Wood, and wode..
Hot-shot, of sun-shine;..
Dappling ..dowsers,
Bovine, horn-crested ruminant;..
Root, of a fungal growth
Mycellae-feet, spread:

Magic, so stay see’s,
                                         ph’woob, ph’wat ?

That way we grow,
                              that way we plaid:
Blythe.. blood, and
                              celtos grail...!!
Ah!, um!, and aye!
So : some to ruffle,
                               ..dear ’hest ,

Zen, and artin’, to thy vale..
Boar, root, trut, and snodder..
Snog...!  Frigg..!
Be-cum!: Ravena!, Freya!...?
Cat, swallow and elder bush polarities
You’ve all got nosebleeds in yer hanky sets
The nurturing nettle
Blanches, luminescent
Cowes, rock against rich, and yer boots, t’fishy

‘Nuff trouble
So soon
Begin again
Closing sail

Mulled, wid ale in a dale
For all time, for all kinsman, through : yew
Moon’s daughters...?!

How can we cry higher, than ‘mare tranquillatus’?
As grist syllabilates, we list, we await..
The anuncio..?!
Rise, rejoin,
                   ...beyond fabrication?!
Shine, seal and still
                      Seabird predict..

Why : ‘fasci-tass,
Wi’ me : absorb..