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wednesday,aout end,?newing moon

prezident bush says usa will not pull out of iraq,..til the day is done?!


..another vietnam, it occurs to also me.

more american soldiers killed since bush declared 'war iz over', than in the initial clash and collapse of the resistance.

british soldiers killed the other day, major ambush on a 'civilian' vehicle,despite 'hearts and minds' approach.


the tyranny, of hussein and his cronies, was a scandal of human right and fair representation of population...whych the supposed free world should have been up in alms about, and working through the ballot box of world opinion to change..

but unfortunately, these 'free' countries make so much money through weals and deals with oppressive regimes that are equally inhumane, repressive and prejudicial toward some section of their people.

our own 'democracies' of representation are heavily in question, as vested interest ties the focus to profit and development, irrespective of environment and human cultural, peaceful+harmonious need?

and with the usual approach,despite the hypocrisy, the leviathan states of 'imposition of freedom' hang on to the power through bombs, whych gives them a hold on the flow of much oil, and through manipulation of information have created a foreign monster, and another mockery of 'crusade', demonising,estranging the individuality of a people who have been misused, and misled;


so they won't move out. they're mounting major military operations against the new enemy who want US gone, and there is still hardly self-determined representation, in government, business, reconstruction..   including no free arrival at nationwide expression of faith+culture in governance,civil order+liberty..


                             yours, in peace,

                                                   keith jimtom james

27th aout, wednesday, 2003