A 'gem' of an idea

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Shine! :  ‘Jah-moon’, on the brave and free?
                                   ...A caught-hare past the occidental..?
I :
    ‘saves-up’ some ‘unny,
                                         shins up a tree..
From the ‘liberty bee’ …
                                        But the bear comes after?

What way can we live, in the forest,
                                        amongst all of the tallest of creation..
Without;  we ‘fear’, to be
                                        ‘victim’, to their
                                                                ‘carnivore ways’?

Or : ‘just plain temper’;
An ‘owl’, with a ‘sore head’?

Does ‘Jah-moon’ tell me ?

I : pray!,..
               ‘give thanks’, to : ‘many
The sustenance, of a
                                      ‘natural mystic’ ..    



Planet, of ‘persuasion’,

Still : the ‘blessings of an angel’, say:
                                                           “Message? “:                                                                  “No message!”
Keep on,  keepin’ on   !
With those who words say  :  are equal
Just as holy !

In the darkness there is light
But the holiest is in shadow,  humble
Bearing the cross of the long dark night of the soul
The fruit of the lips says:
You’d need a builders acro to sustain it

So no more of houses
Plough says :  make them equal
No trees left, so in the vacant places we will build
With seed a plenty
Plant the forest
Build the world anew.

Jimtom…say ?