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And the only travelling talk of ale:
Is amongst the ‘jouster’,
In the surreal reel..
For travel is :
                      an active state!

Once-formed, it –sterile- comes :
And touching tanzients, cool, and pale..
We safe return,
                         to ‘dangered’  talk,
                                                       of ‘ail’ !!?

‘Down in the dungeons’,.. dark and deep;..
The goths,
                                      rude-boys : ‘creep’..!
And with all the ‘interchange’, of
‘Permeating’ layers, they :
Dabble !
               Hur!– bejabers,..

They : dabble!,..
                           with ..
                                     ‘social lubrication’,
‘mind expansion’,..
Something,.. to ‘ease, the ease’, of :
                                                   No redemption!,
In the ‘now’ ??!!

And :

          In ‘dusty’ realm, of  ‘bedsits’-land’ ,
Or :
          ‘Shared apartment’s ‘crusty’ brand;
Our : ‘pixies’, ‘wood-elves’, ‘nymphets’ bide;..
And work to turn : the ‘coming tide’,..
Of : ..profit, loss,
                           Morass, and dross;..
Grey stacked ‘condos’,..
                                        replete with moss!

The destruction, of : our green-swept land;
All ..’post-redemptive’, ‘ozone’ : banned!

Where : ‘urban guerrillas’ tour the street;..
In advance of the ‘market-shopping fleet’;..
With :
          ‘Sun-packed raisins’,..
                                             ( out of date! )

...But within the price, of the wel-fare state.

To support our brethren in the daily chore
A pound for a ‘clip’, spent, at :
                                                foreign shore;
Warding off : the general ‘dredd ,‘
                                                    of ‘export
invasion’, from : the ‘Red’, ..Our pixies : lack Kalashnikov’s...!?

Not : ’Daily .(.‘kin) ‘ Bread’!!

Jimtom…say ?