.As.. the coffee turns to vapour, above the cup..
..no milk; china-grown honey...
:a proto-rebel,..less than vociferous protestate-within the state-
 marshalled but not martialed by the polit-vote,..
ancient leaders long crushed the ways of..who? Lim Po?

: Opiated recievers, form the stone time in to the descent of man.
The kettle boils, to steam open America;..
Visual scene on to mass in distress,..
while more of  machinery gets pointed..
  ..From tool into plan..
  ..How can they deceive people?..

: Letters, and fetters, and bombs!
They seed so grizzly!... Like they would grow ‘incontinent’ watermelons.,..
   ..or isolitary legumes...!!
..They.. rained on lard dust!,.. they..co-creation of Kreuzfeld-
skin and bone.
Another damaged reciever,
may paste their paycheck on to
an atom bomb....!

..( and rock its cradle while they blurt their crimes on earth.)

     They sate, pay their devil, to libate.. on some
beg-bugga’s imagination,..smile.., grace,.. emancipation!

Sate-lust, repays its’ toil,
we all boil,
in earth murther;..

Desecration of the temple;..
Divert the self,seal soul
in toilet-bowl ov incandescent..drill-to-narcosis,..
of spirit form.
..Drug sense with sensibility..:
Feel feeling shorn.

:.. Vicissitudes..Etude,in
bin and skone..!


.Ledge-a ,vedge-a Purdah..
In sense re-born.

Leiala  ,  Leiala..,

..Lest we remember..
     We can, and not forget..:
    Demet shiva, icthus, and om..

  Rei-Kei, shalom..
  ..the best is yet..!..


march 1999