Happy Daze


Sunshine cheer yet again,
Broke, yet smiling..
Veget dawn,
Of new creation,

Breath, of def'nit'ly irie,
Proof, of spawn.

Come hammering to my door..

And in the evening,
Breadth, of emotion,
Touch, of past incantation,
Repast, and dear...?.

Settle out, in receding waves,
Of consciousness-thump, shoulder-
releasing ...jah-spliff, of spirituality..?

Puzzling continuum, in parquet-
weakness...Dust, of thrown covering.
Hangared-subterfuge, in : accession, to the game...?
Vectored surge, on pubic-mound.

Decision making dichotomy.
That breeds to flower

Friendling, of feminine defiance..

Stairwell, of disused fall.  

                                        jimtom say....