Boil Wash Loving


I don’t mind a bit of it.
Responding internally, just the same...
to my co-hesive inclusion,
a man o’ th’ green who awaits,
the industrial blow, stirrings
of civilisation, within,
the sap reached so impossible,
to the light, yearning to be free,
of body; form...

So that oozed glistening,
 pooled, on my stomach,
echoes the blackness, of safe- if trixy troubled -
night, so gem splashed,
fertile fibrillations, set-to...

Like I marionette I’ve muddled,
but to the bustle of a protected,
protective, bed of leaves, and point-less
thorns...,.. I curl and clasp and comfort,
what the nature brings; calm light of
giving to and from the fundamental;
knowledge impacted trust...
                ..and the moon’s glue,..
confirming not deterring..what we
placate, assuage, expose of..

the company, icon-bright,..we too..

                                                                 jimtom keith..