Aye, miss : that Adammm (ssss) ..


With the day yet darkling,
I see you around a fire;
Gone native, yet demure,
and still desired!..

I treason madness.
Pay no heed to calling;
ecstatic imagination: abjured;
for vision..ascension..

Smoke-split stars, dust, and moonbeams..
in your eyes.. or ‘hers’. (That quiet remonstrance)..!

I heed your favours! Add to your retinue
a third,.. of  pennyweight seasoning;
a degree, of the abstract and absurd...!

placate-adventures.. beauty so afraid-assured..!
in dream-time waking,
to take note and clarify what’s heard..

of hed- and surreal-ism; but perhaps, a fraction,
giving back by peasures of partaking, taking on each task

as if...                             ..you know the word!

LOVE dazzles. Destabilises. Am I in the world?

Or are you with me?.. In that spirit-swirl of potent realities?..

                           jimtom say...    you purred!