‘You’re allowed to be you’. Anytime!


“Suffer me not the fools of past encounters;
and like a motorway, grind my milk-teeth... to the bone.”

Jaw ache. Coffee break. What hideaway exists, beside your home?
Your phone keeps ringing; but before the dust has settled
on a conversation; you’re blinking, thinking madly, (sadly?), and
 on your own!  ...

I daren’t dream with you. Time and again, I seek to dwell,
in quiet seclusion, on fresh moments of gesture, face, and form..

All’s temporary madness, of perhaps feeling supported, but
needing the touch to ward off fears and doubts,
past incidences,.. for in the sense-eternal, are we not just
bawling infants, hardly born...?

Don’t chase your sorrow. But yet, let it bask in what,
I hope, are ‘happy’ feelings! Compare and contrast, by reason,

forging triumph of succeeding; love is ever warm.
Hot, heady, rash, and fractious comes the season..

Blessed faun. Bespoke, your flora.
                                                          And companioned,
occasionally, come the rising dawn....?

...we can wake, together, sometimes,.. and avoid that invidious scorn.

      Or else?  ( I’m back to donuts, on the lawn!),

                                                     jimtom pray...    “you ‘ope!”..