The time of all love is but short


Show me a man who has not suffered,
I give you loneliness.
Lead me instead to one who has no past,
cares for no future,
is ready to give and to receive...
Who giveth this woman, this perfect love?

As always we dodge and shuffle,
One step forward and one back
From communicating.
No nearer.
Approaching and receding, encroaching and retreating.
Scared to tell ourselves
About ourselves.

     ' She rose and gazed wistfully into his eyes, searching for
that one truthful glint that would mean he was hers to keep....
          " Darling.... "
       Her voice trailed off, expressing more in that silence
than all the words could ever hope to signify. Yet all the
unspoken, the volumes of pain, went amiss in those heartless
eyes.There was nothing to hope for. And yet.... '

Empty prose. One step forward and one back.
Nothing approaching that poignant, painful tear
for pureness of emotion.
Yet we shuffle on.
                                                                             jimtom KTJ.