'one who is loved..'! ..for 'manda kouyoufa



We met, before the dark began,
when we were only children;..
before the time the moon came down;
when stars lit up the ‘even..

A man sat by, and cast his eye,..
sat silent and unhearing;...
He heared you talk, he heard me cry,..
I’d speak for him no healing...

...You asked me then if love was lost,
I gave no answer dealing;..
But only hoped. That you could know..:
Where once was hope, was feeling..!

I knew you’re love, for all it’s ‘pure’,..
I could not state what’s fleeting...

..Could only veil from he that watched..:
Took others from their freedom..?!..

    Had I a light to star the sky, ..
in colours bright and searing;..
  I’d show for you what grew as love...;
What cheer you took from  ‘feeling’ ..

I’d tell you all you knew, withall,..:
We’d share a pretty picture;..

Then : kiss, goodnight, good cheer, be bright...
And if perchance we mirror :..
 ‘Who’s with?’, ‘without?’;  not ours to ‘shout’;...
   But only: give, the future..!

...We cannot ‘all’, but:
                                  ‘bear, what will..’   ..

So if you feel to falter...:
   Remember one, who sat and guessed,
which one who ‘held’ the ‘mirror’.....
                                  To only take your hand, at point, and
lead you to the bower..
                                  And there sit down, and
stay the frown,.. for those who stay the hour..?..

  ‘Would they be stranged, would we be changed,
would then, be Peace, and Freedom...????

                  ..and Amanda, avec de famille-propre, says : 

                   " Maybe changed, but never 'stranged', from
                                   'Peace, and Freedom ' !!
... " One who is Loved ! "