..." because the night..." ?! (apologies to terence stearne eliot)


 ...because the night...? ! !

        Half-past two.
The phone box calling;..
The phone box ringing;..
The phone box pleading to the passing light.
For some lone-traveller, safe, in the street-lamp..;
For some samaritan, safe, in psychology... :
To plead humanity, with upturned arms...;
To save the young victim, from the : the 'alcoholic'.'s
'Raging, 'Axe-wield, 'Phone gone silent...
A demi-second, of echoed jangling,
In the cold, unfeeling, red-lit streets.... !
The lamp showed three o'clock.
A drunken reeling,..
                A flash, of skirt and dingy garter..
                                   Pealed, like laughter;
Slow sardonic laughter..
Then, too : Was Gone !
With only mist remaining,
Sapping warmth from battered, bankrupt
Body, lying, twitching, slowly dying..
                             Glamour in the 'papers' only,
Here the brief and sordid spending
... Veiled by mist,.. - red mist - ..
A body lying 'victim'....
                        A 'phone rings... ?

 'jimtom' k.t. james