As a test, this blog review is about the website, The site is nearly complete, I am happy to announce.

A few items are still left to go:

1) In order to ease the handover to Jimtom Keith himself, such that he has an easy time uploading images, poetry, videos and other items into his website, an administrative interface (most likely placed in the second sidebar) needs to be formated. This will enable Jimtom, when logged in, to click on the item-type he wishes to either upload or edit, plus an archive of all the items already uploaded.

2) Nothing yet is uploaded in the "Plays" menu item. This is mostly due to digitization issues. Currently, I have only one play of Jimtoms, which hardly makes for a section unto itself. When I receive more plays, I'll format this section. What would be nice is if Jimtom would scan these images, such that users can view the handwriting of the poet himself, instead of his letra in some random font.

Well, that is all. Happy browsing, and welcome to!

Stephen (, the webmaster


This is a film, edited by Rob Farmer and Justin Thyme Porter, of the Bardic Picnic 2010.

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