April 2011

robfarmerfilmaker alan moore infocus..

Rob Farmer's Youtube channel can be found here.

addenda to alan and rob's formidable re-presentation of the n'mpt'y-ville legenda..


 saints crispin and crispinian being credited to the founding of the now-Northampton, at place whereat they are commemorated..breath..

the original Roman Empirer Garrison of Duston.. Dus'on regions..

 and that saint andrew, of Monks' Park Road and Abbey'ng'ton repute, now Hopital and our biggest employer in't county..

and, yes, the celtic-christian-druidic faith of equalest of female-male rights.. no sarcrifi-es.. Andrew the disciple who walked, to found assimilate again to the moses unhewn temples.. breath.. he, and then they, the shoemakers who earned their living thus ways on the walk, from yerusalem.. !!!! :) :) :)

as to the water crossing.. coracles be sound! jimtom.. say? not initiatedly, tho.. yo! thanks for raising the discussions..


i've got an oval toetoyer, not a round touitt!

and.. as put..

                 cobblers to corns, not vanity..!!

 fe saif ar llan y murauit.. of the missspelt youth